Monday, 27 February 2006

Random stuff

Life is a little hectic around here at the minute, so I may not be around much in blogland for a few weeks.

Which is a pity, as Sharon'’s classes are getting really interesting -– Jo, I am not normally a plan-ahead sort. I don't usually put anything on paper, although I have occasionally in the past. I usually wing it, and don'’t work according to Sharon'’s "paths"” methods - I try more a “blended” approach - break down lines and fill in spaces so the eye doesn't know where to go next.

So, what I am after is Sharon's approach of telling the eye where to go next. And, apart from that -– I need to see what I can learn from trying to be disciplined in my work. At the moment I am very much someone who does not plan. I work something, that changes things, so I work something else, based on what I have just done. I wing it, and enjoy the journey (and occasionally get to the destination and regret missed opportunities that might have been realized had I planned better).

Sharon is quite happy for us to talk about what we are doing, as long as we do not reproduce her notes verbatim -– we are on seam treatments this week. The course is excellent, especially on design theory. The "“recessive"” seam is just a note for me that I want that seam to blend into the background, not be one of the ones that jump out and demand attention -– I want the eye to go elsewhere at that point.

So, in the meantime, here is where I am up to with my Breast Cancer block. It was a little bit planned, but the background it totally unplanned. Still a few seams to do, and one major piece to add, and a few beads to add to the heart. Maybe.



Blogger Sarah said...

Chloe, your work is so lovely. I've watched this particular piece as you've talked about it and shown it, and I like where you're going with it. That looks like some of that modified chicken scratch in there? My brain's been being tickled by that stuff every since Meggiecat did that post. Ideas are beginning to flow, and your block certainly is inspiration!

11:43 am  
Blogger piney cq said...

I LOVE your work! "Planned" or not it's super! It's such a relief to come upon someone who functions in the cq world, much the way I do! All this guiding and writing things down!?!?!? Awckkkk!!! That might mean being ORGANIZED or something! LOL!!!! Can't have that! CQ is mayhem, isn't it? :_P Thank you for sharing your work and techniques! It's wonderful!

3:44 am  

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