Sunday, 8 January 2006

Sampler Completed - I Think

Sampler Final

There is a huge one HERE (do not attempt on dialup!) and one that is a bit smaller (but bigger than this), HERE.

For those who have not been following my travails - this sampler was designed by Jenny Bennett (Jenny Bee) at Sale, Victoria, Australia. She has a number of other samplers on her website, but I think this is her best. Her original is HERE.

In 2002, I did classes for a year with Jenny, and almost finished it, but put it aside until recently, due to other pressures. I sure am glad to get it finished.

Jenny sells the sampler as pre-printed fabric, so she is the artist, and I am the artisan - and during the classes Jenny had no issues with people changing the sampler and adapting it to suit themselves. For example, I have a purple tatted butterfly to top right of the Foxglove, as I did not wish to do a spiderweb. Many of us changed her specified colours as we went, just for the fun of it.

So this is a sampler, of the modern type, as we learned heaps of different techniques (well, I did, for sure), as we went. And I have enjoyed myself thoroughly, and am rather glad to have it finished. It is a major work, not to be attempted lightly, but well worth it.

That is the up side. Now for my problem.

There is a spot, almost in the centre of the sampler, that bothers me. It is where straight lines meet between the Rose, Lilac and Foxglove. As a crazy patcher, I would instantly put something over it, and that is what I find myself wanting to do to that spot now. Not something large, but just something to break those straight, bare lines.

It I had spotted it in time, I would have left a break in the silver border around the Foxglove, and put in a small waste canvas flower, but too late. That is a complex double seam that would not be easy to unpick.

I have looked at a charm (considering a 9ct gold rabbit, but too obvious, anything else not good enough).

At the moment I am thinking about a small, trailing piece of green vine. Just something to break it.

Any suggestions anyone???

Or, should I just leave it and accept that the whole design is based on square boxes, and celebrate that.

So, maybe it is finished, maybe not. Deadline for me is to take it to Jenny on Wednesday for framing.

Now - which UFO can I get a start on before classes with Sharon in February????


Blogger Allison said...

This is ravishing!
For your "trouble spot" (which i didn't even notice til I read your entry), I would cover it with another wonderful insect!

3:20 pm  
Blogger juliascrazyquilt said...

Awesome work, Linda!!! The sampler is very beautiful. Congratulations! I think that empty spot would bother me too a little bit. How about covering it with a 3d leave? Julia

6:02 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Ravishing...awesome...Linda, I am speechless. Reminds me of some of the collection on permanent display at the Embroiderer's Guild in Melbourne. People just stand and stare for ages, wondering how long it took to stitch, who did it, where are they now, etc.

6:22 pm  
Blogger Balwearie said...

That is simply gorgeous! You've done an excellent job.... trouble spot??!? What about a bug which looks like a leaf?

11:44 pm  

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