Saturday, 12 November 2005

Revisiting UFOs

This UFO popped up the other day, so I took a quick pic.


It was originally pieced over two days when I was doing a CQ demonstration, and is made from thirty pieces of linen-look (actually polyester) fabric from a fabric swatch.

The thirty pieces of fabric and the "coat of many colours" means that when I sent it around in two vest round robins (the first time each half went separately, the second RR they went together), it went as a "Biblical Vest", so there are Biblical allusions all over it. Then a few friends added bits. And I still have to finish it.

But while I had it out, I thought I would photograph it - I have been building up a set of vests on Flickr, and trying to get good photographs of all my past work/UFOs - and that is a big job!

I like vests - I actually wear them sometimes - I prefer wearables/carryables for CQ, rather than something else to hang on my walls - no space there.

*Back to real-life deadlines*


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