Sunday, 23 October 2005

Stash Sunday - Buttons

It was too much for me - I have joined Stash Sunday. How easy is this? Just take a photo of part of your stash on Sunday, and post it. I don't even have to stitch!

Some of the others were talking Halloween Stash, but I don't have that sort of stuff - and we're not too big on Halloween where I live. So I just rocked over and took a picture of my entire button stash. It looks like this:

Stash Sunday

Wanna see some close-ups???? Here are the shells (Mother of Pearls):

Stash Suday2

and the covered buttons - I keep them for the centre of gathered-ribbon flowers, and for puffs. When I get around to making them.

Stash Sunday3

My entire stash lives in that cheap yellow container you see at the back - I can easily pick up the whole lot, or just take one drawer for a project. They are sort of sorted - shanks in one, flats in another, shells in one, covered in another.

Wanna see more stash???? Rock over to the Stash Sunday Flickr site.


Blogger Allison said...

...ooohh.....this is yummy. You are a lucky one!

8:57 am  

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