Saturday, 15 October 2005

St Clare in many guises

I have long had an interest in St Clare - one of the Patron Saints of Needlework. The only image I had of her was a 1908 painting by Frampton, downloaded from the net and printed on silk. The picture is no longer on the net. I have worked her into a Heart and a sampler:

St Claire

So I was delighted, the other day, to receive a request from Kathleen Robards, a cross-stitch designer from the USA, to use a card I had posted on this blog. This is how the card looked when I posted it:

Thread Card

Kathleen had been looking for a design to create a cross stitch of St Clare - and this is what she has come up with. I just love it. Especially as it shows St Clare as an older woman. She looks wise and serene. And she has a pot of coffee. Well, that's what it looks like to me.


Kathleen tells me that she is not aligned with any publishers, and sells only on the internet. So here are her details if anyone wishes to contact her. Her eBay ID is gramma_kate

Needlework Card

Now - does anyone know where there is a nice design she can use to create St Phocas for me??? Who????? Patron Saint of Gardeners.


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