Sunday, 28 August 2005

Jeans Bag Sunday III

Just home after a loooooooong three days away, and heaps to talk about - but not a lot of time at the minute to do so.

So here is a picture of my Jeans Bag for this Sunday:


It shows where the Chicken Scratch Heart fits in - I am slowly filling in the swallow. And there is also a little bit of work on the doiley on the left - hopefully blending it in a bit, but more still needed.

Back in a day or so with more about my amazing finds.


Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Love the hanky peeking out of one pocket and the other trimmed with tatting. You know, this would also be a great purse made without the jeans but having the same cut of pockets and trim on the front. I'm tempted to try one but I'm just thinking outloud here.

5:01 am  

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