Friday, 19 August 2005

Chicken Scratch moves to Jeans

Having worked out the latest Chicken Scratch pattern, I decided it was time for it to move to my jeans bag:


I drew the three lines of crosses by tracing a cross from the dark checks on the gingham. Exact size and spacing is important.

I then removed the tissue paper, and added the second layer of stitching:


I probably could have used a brighter/lighter/more contrasty thread - I wanted the crosses to blend into the blue, and the daisies to stand out. I am finding some colours blend into the blue of the denim just a little bit too well.


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Linda, I think that looks really cool! Geez, everyone tells me that I always seem to get alot of stitching done. I think you're doing quite well on that too!

8:06 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

Looking good L !!!!!

11:02 am  
Blogger kay susan said...

I like the way you are stretching the boundaries with chicken scratch - I wouldn't have thought of using tissue paper!

5:38 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

You make it look so easy! I don't mean that it seems difficult to do, but I would never have thought of that. But I am not creative (starting to sound like a broken record - remember them?!)

12:27 am  
Blogger JulieZS said...

that's a great looking chicken scratch. And you are right about colors blending into jeans color, maybe that is why we like jeans so much, because they aren't *just* blue.

8:35 am  

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