Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Starting on my Fan Bock

I am really enjoying how Pam is posting her blocks as she works on them, so am blogging the progress of the next block that I am working on. It is for my fan wall-hanging, which currently looks something like this:

Fans nine

This is it, before I started. It is the sixth block, above:

My Fan Block

It was also the final block in a DYB - you can see closeups of the other five HERE.

My Fan Block started

So far I have added the tatting (the blue was too sombre), and worked on emphasising the vanes of the fan by doing a different stitch combination along each. I also used the block to demonstrate a beaded seam, so I now have great difficulty on getting a hoop onto it. Silly me.

Speaking of Pam, she is considering "When is a Block Finished?" For me, it is finished when I absolutely have to make up a UFO or meet a deadline. They never finish voluntarily for me.


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

It's really fun to watch a project progess day by day. Even I enjoy looking back at the photos of my blocks and remembering how they progress. Now I'm looking forward to watching your project move along!

3:17 am  

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