Thursday, 28 July 2005

A New Apron

Another apron jumped out of an Op Shop the other day, and into my collection.


This one interested me for a couple of reasons. The cross-stitch has had a hard life, and if it was ever even, it isn't now. But it does show the important interplay between the light, dark and intermediate blocks - such as the light lines between the diamonds:


But the most important thing was the logic of a very deep hem. In the best apron I have found, it was completely lined with a light lawn in order to cover all the work on the back. This one simply takes a very deep hem, which is stitched down just above the cross-stitching. It gives weight and form to the apron, without making it too heavy, means you cannot see what some would think was an untidy back, and means threads carried from place to place at the back do not show up as much with light coming through from the back.

And it is very simple.

I was more than happy to pay fifty cents for this apron. I think I am refining my apron collecting to styles in gingham.

And I have bought some purple gingham. Stand by .......


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Despite the imperfect stitching, this apron is just so pretty! You sure find some interesting things!

1:17 am  

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