Sunday, 24 July 2005

My DYB finished

The next little tick in a box has happened on my UFOs - I have finished my DYB for the Fan Wall Hanging.

This happens because in a special form of Round Robin I sent off six blocks I have pieced, five came back, each worked on by one person, and I had to do the sixth. Which I have just finished:

DYB by Linda

The large version is HERE. You can see the other five that this goes with HERE, and the whole concept (there are still three more blocks out in a round robin) HERE.

There are a couple of bits I am happy with here - I often use swirls of chain stitch to fill spaces, in this case around the Cloisonne (sp?) fan - as I don't like just plonking things in the middle of spaces without trying to tie them into the work somehow. This is a new version of swirls for me, and I like it.

And I must do lots more small, single rings of tatting like those at bottom left, for adding onto seams as desired. Usually I just do a few to use up thread on the shuttle when I finish something - but they are rather nice .......


Blogger kay susan said...

This is beeeeautiful. So many ideas in one small piece.

6:23 pm  
Blogger z_mnor said...

this is so lovely, Linda! Congrats!

11:30 pm  

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