Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Hanging my Hearts

The time has come to start hanging the Hearts I have received as swaps on Chains of Hearts. I think I am going to hang them vertically, like this, down the joins between bookcases:

Chain4 Align Center

The top Heart in this group is by Maureen (the original and first, from Perth), and the bottom one is by Rosemary. And all cords you see were made on my new "Spinster". More about it at some future time.

And, I am frustrated as I don't have enough filling on hand for even one Heart, so these ones are no-where near finished yet, and look either flat or lumpy.

The back of this pair looks like this:


The top method was my first, experimental hanging system a while ago - I wanted a way to fill them from the back so that you couldn't see the join from the side. And this was the button structure I was trying.

The bottom one is what I have now settled on. I join two pieces of fabric, cut the backing from that, and sew on the three buttons. I then machine it all around, right sides together. Then I unpick just enough of the centre back to turn it so the right sides are out, and fill and (ultimately) stitch up the back opening.

The thing I like about the three-button system is that I can also twist a thread around the top two buttons like this:


And I can then display the Hearts on a long cord, like this beautiful one from Juliette (also waiting to be filled).


Nearly there with this UFO - at least I know now how I am going to display them - like this, so I can change them around as needed.

Out with the spinster - I just want cords a little thinner.


Blogger Literary Lady said...

Great idea for hanging the hearts.

Thinner cord? Use thinner thread to make them with! :)


12:23 am  

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