Monday, 25 July 2005

Playing with Stamps

Stamps - machine

This is the rubber stamp I found at CraftAlive - I have been collecting sewing machine stuff for a future work. I like the thought of rubber stamps, but don't use them as much as I could - just stamped on fabric with a fabric ink - so they become machine washable.

In this case I have just stamped it on some hand-dyed calico - it would look even better on a finer-weave fabric such as a fine silk.

I was using OzeCraft dyes - and I think I could yet repaint the fabric around the stamp again for more colour - and then make it a central piece in a small work like a Heart.

This is another stamp I have - the Fairy with a Bubble from a 1920s illustration by Australian artist Ida Rentoull Outhwaite.

Stamps - Fairy

I can imagine this one with tiny silver highlights in the wings, and flowers and greenery embroidered around her, so she has to be "discovered".


Blogger Gina E. said...

Oh, Linda, your imagination has no boundaries...I would die and be reborn to have 1% of your creative spirit...sigh..
On a brighter note, you commmented on A Blank Page that with S working, there would be no more lazy Melbourne days. EXCUSE ME? What about moire???? I am still here and willing to change my working days around to accomodate your visits!

10:16 pm  

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