Monday, 25 July 2005

Dragonfly UFO

I am going to give the Peacock UFO a little bit of a rest for a while, and finish off the Dragonfly UFO. Mainly because I don't have heaps more to do on it. This is how it looks at the minute:

Dragonfly Wall Hanging

The large version is HERE.

The Wall Hanging is made up from six DYB blocks (three across the top, three across the bottom), a central block from a Dragonfly RR, and two skinny blocks on the side to fill it out. With DYB blocks, I pieced them, and those across the top were embellished by Rhonda, Annette and Ann-Maree. Those across the bottom were by me, Julia and Jill.

Dragonfly RR block

The RR block has dragonflies by Bernadette (top left), Melody (the silver one to the right of Bernadette's), me (waste canvas, top right), Bear (the centre one with green beads), Catherine (the one to the right of Bear), and Janelle (centre bottom, with gold wings). The wings on the one at bottom left came from Maureen3, and there is an earring I found at bottom right.

There is a slightly larger version HERE. I just have a bit of seamwork to do, some wings to make, and a few dragonflies to attach. And then I add backing and edges, and it is finished. So I think it will be my focus for a little while.


Blogger Shebrews said...

I write for a blog called Feeling Stitchy.
I want to do a post about making dragonflies and I found your wonderful tutorial in Flickr, and now your blog. Is is okay if I link to your blog for instructions on making the wonderful wings?
I will do this either this Friday or next week Friday. Thanks. You can email me by following my address.

12:11 pm  

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