Saturday, 23 July 2005


Just back form a quick visit to CraftAlive. Not a lot there, but a couple of nice highlights that did make the trip worthwhile. These are commercial craft fairs that tour the country, and a lot of the stuff doesn't interest me. But this year it was wonderful to meet Vicki from Lakes Entrance (who I heard about - waving to Joan). This quilt is Vicki's work, and the title is "Mixed Emotions"


You can see the larger version HERE. As you can see, she has used a number of techniques, and the colours are stunning. Even more so as Vicki was dressed to match.

Vicki has a shop and bed and breakfast in Lakes Entrance - and will even do small Retreats. Sounds like my idea of heaven. Imagine going to stay somewhere where you can even buy your threads on the spot while you stitch.


And it was good to catch up with Pam from Dancing Needles - she does the most wonderful punchneedle embroidery and publishes books on it, sells supplies, the lot.


I bought myself a "Spinster" from Pam, which is a bit like a small plastic drill with a hook on the end for making cords. I know I can do it with my cordless drill - but that is a bit impossible to leave in my sewing case - and this is faster than twisting a pencil.

And I even got myself a rubber stamp of a sewing machine. I can feel some fabric coming up. Or a machine in the centre of Heart - it is just the right size.


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