Sunday, 17 July 2005

A Couple of Coffees later .....

A couple of coffees later, and I am back. But not a lot to post this morning - no pictures yet of the Heart, as I have been catching up on one other thing - I have just updated two month's worth of my Visual Journal. One thing about blogs - it gives you a good record of what you did, when.

So now, my paper record is up to date. I really wish I had kept a better record years ago, as I have no idea now when I made some things, so it is harder to see how I have changed as time went on. And, looking back on my VJ, I definitely was writing down stitching ideas that I can revisit when I need inspiration.

But right now, I can see a half-hour window of opportunity to stitch, before visitors arrive. Bye.....


Blogger Gina E. said...

Linda, what is a Visual Journal? I have never actually written down what I have stitched over the years, but I have kept most of the charts and patterns, so it wouldn't be impossible for me to work out a list of some kind. I have photographed everything I have done that I still possess, and all that I have done for others these past few years. I have scanned all those photos and put them in a Webshots album, but there is no other information there, such as dates, or what the original pattern was.
Just because I haven't been putting comments on your blog lately, doesn't mean I am not looking! Just ran out of compliments - lol! Lovely as always. Say, did you see the peacocks I posted on Patra's Place? Tacky, but nice! By the way, I haven't lost the CD you did for me - just haven't got around to putting it on my blog yet. I will!

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