Saturday, 30 July 2005

Copying Dragonfly Wings

A few people have asked, so, - go for it - you are welcome to print hard copies of my instructions for your own private use, save the pictures to your computer, share them with friends (as long as you don't charge them), etc etc etc.

One of my reasons for posting them was so that people could use them. And my other was to have on record that they are mine (although I did put them up on my webpage about 12 months ago, I think, but have taken them off).

In stumpwork design in Australia I have heard that there is, in certain quarters, occasional disagreement about who has "ownership" of what technique. I don't wish to claim ownership of anything (but then, I don't make money from embroidery design - if I did it might be different).

But the one thing I would hate to see is someone else claiming my work - so I just thought I would put the whole process up here, so anyone can use it, and no-one else can claim it as theirs some time in the future, and then stop others using it.

So, go for it!


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