Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Peacock from Gina

Over my morning coffee I am trying to decide what to post from the Gina at Patra's Place collection. And I chose this peacock:

Peacock 3

This is one corner of a supper cloth, worked on white cotton or linen. There is a larger copy HERE (Remember to click with your cursor or use the enlarge icon).

Gina wasn't sure of the needlework style when I put her on the spot - she mentioned Broderie Anglaise (my spelling) and Richelieu - it doesn't seem to be the second, not sure about the first. This is a photograph, and from that it is hard to see what is the brown thread and what is the brown carpet seen through the holes!

But I just love the way the tail fans out, and am thinking how I could use it superimposed in stem stitch and other embroidery onto a cq.


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