Sunday, 15 May 2005

Semco Linen

I am a little disorganised this morning, so have not yet chosen what to post from Gina - there is so much there. But, before I do, I have realised I need to explain Semco. Being the age I am (and not saying what it is!) I started embroidery as a teenager in the 1960s, and just assumed the whole world used Semco patterns.

And I have been under that misaprehension until this morning. Because I got out my copy of Needlework and Associated Collectables, which mainly looks at Australian stuff, and was reminded it was produced at Black Rock, near Melbourne (in other words, relatively close to me). I now assume Americans, for example, have never heard of Semco.

I went off to the web found them in the end - and they are still producing embroidery designs, and I know Debra at Nan's Cupboard (sorry, no website), was showing me their new bead catalogue the other day.

There is a little bit of history about them (they were founded in 1907) HERE, but nothing about the huge factory - their Australian address is a unit in Sydney and they have a similar address in New Zealand. They were owned by Coats for about seventeen years, but went under new ownership in 2000. So I suspect they are now just importers. But it is nice to know our brand name is still out there. And there are a couple of interesting photos from 1932 in there.

Picture???? You want a picture, too????

Okay - here is a Crinoline Lady from Gina at Patra's Place, that fascinates me. Probably not a true Crinoline Lady, and she has some sort of other influence I cannot pin down. And I love her. I have to admit I don't (quelle horreur!!!) actually like Crinoline Ladies. They are a little bit too submissive for this feminist - haven't they realised if they are in their garden in that rigout they will get it grubby??? Now this lady - she has got a bit of attitude, and isn't going to be waiting around just looking pretty.

And, are those Fritillaries down at bottom right - however they are spelled??? I suspect she may be a plant collector and have grubby garden clothes for when she does get in her garden.

She's probably not even Semco. And I am off to check out that half-finished Egyptian doiley from my mother-in-law. I wonder if it was Semco????

Crinoline Lady 1


Blogger Calidore said...

I admit I like Crinoline Ladies - but I always figured that to wear dresses like they do, they also had gardeners who did all the dirty work. These ladies just wandered around and picked the occussional flower and said they gardened. I do like this lady though. Very different to all the others I have seen and would make a wonderful centrepeice for something different/unusual.

2:52 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

Ah - but I reckon that would be such a boring life - not getting my hands dirty int he garden, and being so worried about getting my dress dirty. *grin*

But i am glad you enjoyed her - there are a few more to come.

8:04 pm  

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