Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Maureen's DYB

Work has started on Maureen's DYB:

Linda for Maureen3

This is the Lyrebird from Gina's Duchesse Set. I printed the doyley from the computer, traced it onto tissue paper and it is being worked with a single thread of DMC.

No peeking M3


Blogger Gina E. said...

Well, aren't you just too clever!! Beat me to the punch. I have just scanned the embroidered lyrebird on my Aussie icon suppercloth, and was going to email it to you, but your sketch from my doiley has come up much better. The only other lyrebirds in stitching I could find were two little cross stitch designs in XS books...would you like them too?
Just in case Sharlee has emailed you about my computer problems, it is fine now. Fixed itself overnight! Amazing things, these computers. I was ready to front the bank for a loan to buy a new one, but no need now, lol!!

2:51 pm  

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