Sunday, 15 May 2005


When I posted the pictures of the Lyrebird doyleys from Gina's collection, I did say I would explain them for those overseas. So HERE is a link to a page about them, HERE is another, and HERE is another (Hmmmm, limited vocabulary syndrome). :)

Lyrebirds fascinate me for crazypatch, in that I haven't settled yet on a motif for a very distinctive Australian piece of work - and this might be it. The Lyrebird is a little like the Peacock - beautiful in form, but directly opposite in colour. A wonderful mimic, but quite shy - very opposite to the vain Mr Peacock. It takes its name from the Lyre shape of the two main tailfeathers - and just occasionally my father used to find them in the bush and bring them home for us children. Not because they were "Liars" with their mimicry, as I thought when I was a child.

So I have been collecting motifs for a while, and would really like to use one in crazy patch. Somehow I am turned off Kangaroos and Koalas, but still have the Lyrebird in the back of my mind as a motif.

One day, maybe.


Blogger Vivienne said...

Hi Chloe (vbg). I have some original cross-stitch designs for Lyrebirds if you want them...small enough for crazy quilting. I'll scan them on my blog tomorrow.
Also check out my Anlabyhouse blog for some photos of my favourite pieces of printed linen from my own reminded me that I have a draw full.

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