Sunday, 15 May 2005

Egyptian - Found it!

The house is now returning to normal, since I have found the stash of Doyleys I was looking for (note spelling - I am thinking about it after carefully reading this one). That included even doing the vacuum cleaning (found three good beads under couch!).


This Doyley is a special one in my DF's collection (where else would you find a bloke with his own pinking shears???)

We think it was worked by his grandmother, but we don't know when. So it will always be a SIN (Stuff I'll never Sew - thanks Gina).

But I was wondering, Gina, now that I have found it - is it the same as the one in your collection????

Fabric size 22cm x 22cm


Blogger Sharon said...

I have been watching your blog with interest - I told you that Gina would keep you entertained!!! I love the egyption doyley that you posted... I love the trail of winding work down on either side...

It is a pity that some of these can't be reproduced as reproduction of originals - if you get my drift as I have noticed in Spotlight that(don't know who it is)is doing a crinoline lady traditional stitchery... I am sure something like your doyley would be as popular...

Gina has 'just a few' pieces of linen hasn't she... hehehehehe

As I said to her if I ever need a table cloth I know where to come...

Sharon - The Blank Page

11:54 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

Ah - but this is the fun. I am posting these so you can download and trace them off - I do them through tissue paper, and I have heard there are pens you can get so you can iron them onto linen. I can just see a detail from that design on something ....

Just a little bit is "just a little bit" of an understatement!

And a most generous lady!

8:02 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Yes Linda, that doiley is from the same set that I have. I have two completed centre pieces and one unworked Centre, Size 12 x 16. Luckily I also have the instruction sheet with it, and it applies to both the doiley and the centrepiece. Unfortunately though, the stranded cottons listed have long since been discontinued. Semco changed their floss range THREE times that I know of - I have a box full of Semco threads with various labels. Very hard to match up as it would be impossible to make up a conversion chart the way people have done with DMC and Anchor. So it is a guessing game as far as the cottons to use. But I would be happy to scan both sides of the sheet if anyone is interested?

9:08 pm  
Blogger Maureen said...

...and time for me to add my tuppenceworth!
Chloe,I wouldn't advise you using one of those heat transfer pencils as I found they are permanent.
What I have found through a crafty quilting friend is a green pen by Artline that is water soluble.So,do your tracing with a dark pencil and using either a light box or a window,place your fabric over the tracing and trace with the green pen on to the fabric.Later,a "bath" removes the penmarks.
BTW the pen is an Artline 200 green and with a FINE (0.4) point

11:57 am  

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