Saturday, 14 May 2005

DYB for Maureen3

The last DYB has arrived for me in what has been a wonderful series. This one is for Maureen 3 (often called M3, and many other things). DYBs (Doing Your Block) are a special form of Round Robin, where there is a group of six people, who each make six blocks. They are mailed off, and each person in turn totally embellishes one block, and you do the last one when they return home. Blocks are usually six inches, never more than eight inches, and you have a month to work on on them.

They make wonderful samplers of the design response from six different people. But M3 has come up with an even more sneaky option (she is like that!). She has made identical blocks, and then asked those that complete them to put them in a sealed bag. You are not allowed to look at the finished ones until you have finished yours.

So, this is the one from Maureen's two (I am the last one left) that I have chosen to work upon.

DYB Linda for Maureen

I chose this one as the long white satin section is slightly wider, and would make a nice spot for a feature. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet, so am starting with seams (I always do all seams), and a piece of lace from Gina.

It did start being a cream-on-cream, but then I just thought - I want to work a lyrebird outline or two - one might go on here.

And Maureen3 is on her honour not to look at these posts until she gets her DYBs back - because she is making me look at that sealed bag and not open it. (I have actually put it in my Mother's Keeping, and she is firmly instructed not to let me open it until I finish).


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