Sunday, 6 February 2005

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley
Originally uploaded by LindaB.
The Lily of the Valley is finished on my Suffragette Block. This was originally a Bluebell, and I used part of it on my Tsunami Block. I used 14-count waste canvas for this one - I prefer it to the 12-count, as it makes a smaller design, I only use two threads instead of three and the needle goes through the fabric easier.

The only chance I would have made to this is to move it slightly to the left. I use waste canvas motifs usually to cross seams, but that doesn't work when some of the elements are small white blobs - they would have been better served by having the dark purple all around them.

But all in all - a nice design, I will put it in my folder and it will probably get used time and again in the future. I love Lily of the Valley (and I know its leaves are usually blue-greens, not grass greens, but I couldn't quickly find that thread combination)


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