Sunday, 27 February 2011

Doll #13 Stitched

Comfort Doll 13a

Comfort Doll #13 is stitched, ready for beading on 8 March. There is no sense to the order in which I am working - I just pick up 11, 12 or 13 as the moment finds me.

I now have the afternoon filled for 8 March - I will be out in the coffee shop at Old Gippstown, raising a coffee cup to Sarah Carter. The dolls will be travelling with me.

NB this is a digitally altered (ie cropped) image. All the backing cloth is still there in real life to keep it in the hoop.


Blogger Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

I think this is my fave doll so far. Love the colors and wonderful stitching. The chain stitched heart is pure genius!

5:19 am  

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