Sunday, 23 September 2007

Selling the Fabric

Oh Dear. I have had a couple of enquiries about buying The Fabric from my Mum's stash - and I would love to pass it along to anywhere, but being a great procrastinator, I am having trouble working out how to do it.

Current plan is for me to take it to the market next Saturday, the 28th. I can cope with that, as people will see what they buy, and the choice is theirs. I did toy with e-Bay, but do not have the time to do all the detailed work necessary to have fair descriptions on there. Nor do I have the specialised knowledge about the fabric. I knew there was a reason I was not into sane patchwork!

But yes - if any of those nice people out there would like to acquire some, I am more than happy to assist. For readers of this blog, the special deal is -

1. Purchase and post to me a 500 gm prepaid bag. Write your address on it.

2. I can fit up to 25 fat quarters (or slightly less than 50 fat eights, as they are generous) into a bag.

3. Throw in some money with the bag. Market price is $2 for a fat quarter, $1 for a fat eight, but I will be giving discount at the market for bulk, sooooooo......... I reckon since you read this blog, I am happy with $1.50 for a fat quarter, 75 cents for a fat eight.

4. And you don't have to get the full 500 gms - just it is quicker for me with the packaging, and I don't have a lot of spare time at the minute - we have just got another six archive boxes of fabric out of one of the cupboards! So just decide what you would like to spend, and I will probably be generous.

5. And, if you want to go this way (hopefully I am not pushing!) - drop me an e-mail at kapana[at] letting me know a bag is on the way and, more importantly, what sort of colours/patterns you are after. My Mother was Queen of the Small Prints. That way I can keep them aside, even if the bag does not arrive before I go to market. And e-mailing me might be handy if you don't know my address!

Australian buyers only, please, as my brain cannot even bear to think of working out getting money in and out of the country, and it is too heavy to make postage economical.

Back to the ironing board. I have a friend who is cutting down, and I am assembling/sorting. You should see the mathematical precision that goes into sorting out bags of fifty five-inch charm squares.

A whole lot of fabric going to a Women on Farms group who make quilts for all sorts of people. Such as large bolts of lightweight stuff that was intended to back quilts. And all the scraps that don't fit any of the sizes. I sure hope they are going to be into scrap quilting.

And a significant portion of the money is going to supporting the textile collection at Old Gippstown, where I catalogue.


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