Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Comfort Doll #3

Comfort Doll #3 is on the way. This time I wanted to experiment with just one piece of fabric - in this case denim. This one has her own personality - she is a little bit of a toughie (the denim), but has her own serenity. And she is a "hug" - that is why her arms are out wide.

I like this shape, it just needs a little bit of refinement.


Pat Winter has opened a blog just for the Comfort Doll project.

I am enjoying working on these dolls - I need small projects at the minute that I can easily achieve. And that allow experimentation.

This one will probably go to Pat in the US, as I think the distance they travel gives them extra power. So I will make another for Jo to distribute after that. I already have an idea for that one.

And I still need to finish my own.


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Oooh Linda, I love your little doll in demin! I may have to give that a try with one of my cat dolls! Beautiful!

9:18 pm  
Blogger Pat Winter said...

Linda your dolls are so pretty. I love the shape. It is so fun to see what shapes people like to work with. Pam K has the CQ cat down to a science. She is a wonder. Thank you for your continued interest in the Comfort Doll Project. We are 8 dozen strong. Imagine the lives we are touching in a positive way.

9:44 pm  

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