Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Stitch Combinations 11

My starting point for this seam was this, worked earlier on my Mirror Quilt:


For the seam above I worked the Herringbone first. Then I went along one side int he same thread, working a Fly Stitch opposite the ends to make a small dianmond space, and worked Detached Chains in line with the arms every seconf stitch on the other side.

Then I went along again in a different thread (the lighter, thicker one), and worked French Knots in the diamonds on one side, and between the arms in every second stitch on the other side. As I went along I also worked a Fly Stitch with a Detached Chain in between the other two Detached Chains. Clear as mud????

This time I wanted to work something similar, but vary it somewhere. So here is what I worked on the Dragon Vest:

Stitch combination 10

The large version is HERE. The change is that the stitch in the diamonds is a Fly Stitch closed with a French Knot, not just a French Knot.

There is a nasty frost out there this morning - it is cold and chilly here, so I am getting moving.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Beatiful work with the stitch combinations, Linda. I love the light airy feeling there is to these seams.

8:29 am  
Blogger annetteb said...

Your work is so elegant, the colours compliment each other with style and elegance. Annette

2:05 pm  

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