Monday, 4 June 2007

Do I call it a Hoop?

The question is - should I call this a Hoop?.

It started like this, cut from a piece of craftwood. I have also heard of them made of cut-up tomato stakes. I reckon you could also cut them from foam, or even make a few the same size out of cardboard and tie them together. All you need to start is a frame, and this is mine.


(Ignore the holes, my Beloved got his measurements wrong)

The idea is that I cannot now put a hoop on my Dragon Vest, as there is too much beadwork on it, and other stuff I want to be really gentle with. And it should then have batting wound around it, but I was impatient, so I had a go at it. So I just pinned from the back, and that worked. But I decided I would go ahead and bind it, first with batting (a nice wool batting), and then with a strip of calico. This is it, part way through the binding.


Now, I know it looks like a poorly wrapped Mummy, done by someone who failed Mummy Bandaging Classes. But it works.

Then I just pin the work to it. And it is good!


Probably my only comment is that this one is a bit large. Outside measurements are 30cm x 33 cm. I needed it that large for some long seams, but I might make a smaller one too.

But what do I call it? Is it a hoop????


Blogger Calidore said...

Nice to see you back posting Linda - I've missed your posts.

I call mine a pin frame. The small one I have is six inches (in the middle hole) and the big one 8 inches. They are wonderful. Bias binding works well as the binding too. While I hate using a hoop and am all fingers and thumbs, these are brilliant and I cope with them very well.

11:34 am  
Blogger Bobby said...

Go sick Linda! Call it a hoop!

6:04 pm  

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