Saturday, 11 November 2006

Dressmaking Magazines

My cataloguing team is at work in Sarah Carter's Dressmaking Shop at Old Gippstown, so expect some fascinating discoveries as we work through the textiles, haberdashery and linen.

For example, on Thursday we found two dressmaking magazines from 1906 - exactly a hundred years old.

I though I had photographed the best, but I missed it, so you will have to wait until next week. That one is from 1906, from Melbourne (ie in my own state). It is full of designs for women's millinery and fashions, and some children's and men's fashions as well.

This one is English:


It has more text than photos, mainly about dressmaking. But lots and lots of fascinating advertisements.

We are examining ways of reproducing the Melbourne store catalogue as, although all the pictures are black and white, I am sure people with computers could add their own colours and make some beautiful fabric prints.

Then we could sell it as a CD - because we are looking for ways to raise funds for Sarah Carter - which is what is fermenting in my mind at the minute - stand by one day soon for the launch of the "Friends of Sarah Carter".


Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

Linda, having been a seamstress/dressmaker all my life, this is of great interest to me.
Look at that tiny waist!
look forward to see more..

10:54 am  

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