Friday, 24 March 2006

Button Cluster


This is for Jo in New Zealand.

Ages ago I sent you a squishie in which I threw some single tatted (not tattered) flowers, with a note I would explain later. I make them to use up the leftover thread on the shuttle.

Well, much later you can see how I use them here. I sew both ends through the fabric and have a little flower - you can see two white ones in the edges of this cluster. Sometimes I add a bead to the centre. But this cluster is a WIP (or should that be a SWIP - slow work in progress?). So it isn't finished yet.

The other way I use them is on seams, especially on top of Chevron stitch, where others might use cast-on stitch. I was going to do some of that (the cast-on) on this block, but couldn't find anywhere at the end. I've never done it like that, only used a double cast-on on my Country Gardens sampler.

The other thing I was going to show off - I cannot remember which decade it was when I last painted my fingernails - but I sure have some nice nailpolish for buttons (although it can peel off if I'm not careful). That area where the pink flower is now was just begging - I did it with a toothpick. And the natural boundaries should keep the polish on there.

And I've found my tiny pearl beads - they're next on here.


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