Tuesday, 24 May 2005


Aprons have always fascinated me - they are a practical accessory for the woman in the kitchen (I still wouldn't be without mine), yet in earlier times they were something that was highly decorative - many were the apron made more for appearance than use. They also said a lot about the position of a woman - the hostess, the housekeeper, the mother.

The other day I posted these Crinoline lady aprons from Gina's Collection at Patra's Place. Hopefully, once her camera gets back into gear, she will let us see some of the other interesting ones.

So I was especially taken by the ones posted by Mary Frances - wish I could work out how to link to her exact post - scroll down until you get to some organdy aprons - I've never struck them like that before.

And, thanks to her blog, I have found more aprons on Thimble, on Wee Wonderfuls and Angry Chicken (who pointed to Apron Chronicles - make sure you see the samples).

I have a few in my collection (well, maybe three), and nothing to rival Gina's. The best is my m-i-l's bib and brace hardanger apron - I really must photograph it. And I have nothing CQ - just one that is random squares. The best I can do is promise to put them on the line soon for a photograph, and post this picture of something I made years ago - my Peg Bag with Attitude. If you are going out to the clothes line you may as well do it in style - not that I have ever actually used it. Maybe one day.



Blogger Sharkeysday said...

Thanks for the compliment! I have always liked them...it's funny when something kind of crazy and geeky like collecting aprons catches on again!
As for linking to it...there's a little word at the bottom of the post that says "link"...if you click it it brings up that post seperately: http://www.widgetinc.com/blogger/2005/05/look-ma-im-hip.html

5:16 am  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Linda, I love your Peg Bag With Attitude! Can I commission one please?? Did I show you my Crinoline Lady peg bag when you were here? Can't remember, there was so much spread around the room that day.. Perhaps I should try and fit it on my scanner, by the look of all the links on your Blog, aprons and the like are the flavor of the month!

10:03 pm  

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