Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Scrapbooking images

Yesterday, I was looking for something to read in the newsagents, and I hummed and ha'ed for some time over Scrapbook, a large (bigger than A4, smaller than A3) plastic-wrapped production, for $11.95. And it apparently included two copies.

I really hate those ones where you have to buy them to see what is in them, and $11.95 is a lot of money for casual reading.

But I am so glad I did. They are stunning. What I got was Vol 1 and Vol 4 (the latest), and they are crammed with heaps of well-printed stuff for silk prints. lots of angels, flowers and other things. The only drawback is that if you are into decoupage, they are printed on both sides, so you will always be losing something. But this is the A4 section of one page:


And, not all pages are like this. There were 32 printed pages in the one I counted, and of them, ten pages were one picture to a page, suitable for framing. And lots and lots of Christmas Cards (although smaller than original size), and other larger pictures. And all very nice.

So, I got curious. They are published by Topmill Pty Ltd, and distributed in Australia by Gordon and Gotch. I have to admit at the start I suspected that they were published elsewhere and just Australian covers added - but no, there is even one of a colured brochure for a Sydney National Park. But not much else in the way of specific Australian content. And I think they may be a fairly small publishing house (so all the more reason to support them).

They appear to have published a number of other titles, such as Yesterday's Ladies, Yesterday's Flowers, Yesterday's Fashions etc, which I think would be similar, and an number on trains and historical photographs. They have also produced a range of Decoupage books that could be interesting.

So I think I can see some silk prints coming up!


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