Saturday, 21 May 2005

Speaking of Beading

Speaking of beading - Margaret J had a good idea at class the other day. Some people may know about the "Florence way", where Florence cuts down a small, round takeaway container, and puts corduroy in the bottom, and uses that for beading.

You can see a picture of that HERE on Sharon's site.

What Margaret had was one portable beading dish that was the lid off a cream bottle, and another that was the lid off a large yoghurt container - which is a bit bigger than a cream bottle lid. She had glued corduroy in both. I was really taken with the yoghurt one.

What I liked about them is that you could fit a lot of them into a very small space - they would easily fit into my workcase. Then you can have one for each colour bead you are using. And still easily bend to pour the beads back into their baggies.


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