Friday, 1 August 2008

More Cosies

Two posts in one day - don't get too excited!!!

Here are some more cosy covers. They are both in the Old Gippstown Collection.


And this is the ultimate - an egg cosy. from when breakfast was served to delightfully, with an egg in a cup, on an embroidered cloth. With its own egg cosy. It is different on both sides.

P07140VGRC P07140aVGRC

Looks like a nice, really simple little project for a piece of crazy patch!

Drawn Thread Work

It is a cold, wet day, so I am working on the computer. And just thought I would drop over and say "Hi" to anyone still calling by.

I am not sewing at the minute, due to real-life pressue of work.

But I am still cataloguing beautiful linen. I thought everyone might like to meet this Tea Cosy Cover.


We have two of these in the collection, made to an identical pattern, just with a slightly different ruffle. This is one of the most intricate pieces of drawn thread work I have seen, worked in very fine thread.


You can see a really big close-up HERE.

We have a few of these tea cosy covers in the collection - they are designed to go over a padded inner that actually insulated the tea pot. But none of them ever have room for a spout. The whole thing must come off to pour tea.

*toodles off to find some more pictures of them*