Monday, 29 December 2008

Apple Blossom #4 and #5

Apple Blossom 4c

I have finished with Block #4 for a while - I am having all sorts of philosophical discussions with myself - mainly about whether to add a new element (my recreation of the Apple Blossom, on the ivory silk, currently at bottom right), and what to do to knock the green in the middle back a bit.

The Feather Stitch at the top is inspired by this piece of work by Jo in NZ - might try and exactly duplicate it next. Nice work!

So I am exercising my mind on how to approach #5 - not much work has been done on that.

Apple Blossom 5a

The whole lot of the blocks, including some of the philosophy behind the work, is in the Flickr Set. There are some of my interpretation of the flowers, on another work, early in the set.

That's it - I'm off for a couple of days to garden. The cricket is not looking good - unless you are reading this in South Africa.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Comfort Doll


I have been working on this Comfort Doll too, for the Comfort Doll Project. She has been sitting in my work basket for a while, and is now ready to do the backing. Except I don't think I have the right fabric here to do it.

She is going to be edged with beads, like my others, and I think will have a garland, possibly with a heart.

The sewing is a nice break over Christmas, and I will try and keep going once I am back at work - but Mum is taking a lot of my time, as well as work, so not a lot is getting done.

And I am enjoying my garden - I think I sew more in the winter at the moment.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Quietly Working

I have pulled out the Apple Blossom Quilt to work on over the holidays. While listening to, and half watching the cricket. Australia is playing South Africa, in a five-day test.

There are more views of this one on the link above.

Block Four is almost finished - but they are not necessarily in order.

Apple Blossom Block 4

Not that they are in order, mind. Blocks one, two and three were, but I am working on different bits of four, five and six, as they appeal.

The other project I had in mind is on back-burner, as I wasn't able to get into the shed for the fabrics I wanted yesterday. But I will.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Wishes


Every year, I get another Christmas Angel. The Blue Gum "Fairy" has come to join me this year - her skirt is abalone with a Mother-of Pearl head, from Discover DownUnder.

May everyone have a Peaceful, Joyous and Wonderful Christmas.

Some time this afternoon, I am going out to the shed, finding some white fabric, and starting on a wall hanging for next Christmas. Along the way I can feel some ornaments coming along. I think I really have got my timing wrong!