Sunday, 5 August 2007

Busy, Busy, Very Busy

Very Busy here at the minute, as I am sorting out my Mum's stash to sell next weekend at Old Gippstown Craft Weekend.

I guess there is no greater service a daughter can do than ensuring her Mum's stash (but only that that she cannot use herself) is passed on to other crafters. Mum was a great sane patchworker, but does not sew any more. When we did the first cleanup of her stash, we sent about thirty (!) unfinished tops off for a quilter for palliative care. So that people had nice, bright covers on their beds.

Apart from fabric, there are heaps of experiments like this:


Plus hundreds of pre-cut triangles from that phase of experimentation. Mum experimented a lot.

These are going out to a good home in Blogland. But I still have heaps of blocks ready for quilts to sort out.

The dog (her name is Penny, and she is elderly and grumpy), is not for sale.


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