Sunday, 8 October 2006

Five Weird Things????

The wonderful Pamela over at Kitty and Me has tagged me - and I am struggling to list five weird things about me that no-one would know.

When I asked DH, his eyes rolled skyward, and he immediately listed a number - but all of them are "normal" in the circles in which I move. Like - sure, I could have the most up-to-date electric whiz-bang sewing machine, but I cheerfully refuse to, and stick with my 1918 Singer hand-powered. Although my 1908 gets a run occasionally. That's not weird - what crazy-patcher wouldn't be the same.

So here is the only one I can come up with:

1. Due to my current lifestyle, and some foot problems, I am living in good runners and explorer socks (not sure if that translates internationally - thick hiking socks). Unless I have to go to a wedding or funeral, of course.

So I have a range of these socks in various colours, that I rotate around - including two pairs of fluorescent orange. Which I wear whether they match whatever I have on or not. And, as anyone who has been around me for a while knows - I detest the colour orange, and rarely use it in CQ. Or in the garden (except for autumn leaves). I reckon any word (ie orange), that has no normal word rhyming with it, is to be avoided at all cost. Yet these orange socks get a real workout with me.

Is that Five Points Worth of Weirdness????

Still a little busy around here for normal postings - although the weather today looks like I might not get my gardening day.

And the cataloguing work I am doing at the minute can no way be related to sewing - I am out in the steam engines and water carts.

But then, speaking of Water Carts - here is weird #2

2. I have always been fascinated by Furphy Water Carts, which are a peculiarism to Australia, made in Shepparton. I have always wanted a house where I could put the end-plate from a Furphy above the fire place.

I am now supposed to tag five more people - but I am not going to do that - please feel free to self-tag. You can leave a comment here if you would like to be one of my five (Just in case anyone out there is counting and ticking them off!)