Thursday, 1 September 2005

Last of the Hankies

Here are the last of the hankies I will post here - you can see the whole lot in a set on my Flickr page, including these.

This is one of two that have corners that are Filet Crochet - and I like the crochet edges on them too.


And this seems to me to be the oldest - this MAY be called Insertion Lace, but I would be happy to hear more suggestions. This hankie is larger, and has been well-used. But it is still beautiful.


I know I won't be able to cut up these hankies (there are a few more Tambour Lace ones over in the set I haven't posted too, similar to those from yesterday). And I am not the sort to have a house with lacy cushions. And have no space to frame them.

But I am playing with the idea of miniature, maybe freestanding, cq blocks that sit on top of the fabric part of the hankie, and are then framed in a very simple but deep frame. A bit like a shadow box. So the hankie becomes the frame.

Which would allow me to experiment with very bright versions, and white on white versions.

Maybe all crazypatch would be mounted before going on the handkerchief, much the same as I did with my name badge (yes, I am not really Chloe):


Then (and I am getting excited now) I could mount found objects with it, sort of collage-like. I have heaps of things like that from my life, in a box.

Then, when I am in an old-folks home I will insist on a wall in my room where I can put them all. And spend my time working out who I will leave them to.

Which is another huge issue that exercises my mind - with no-one for me to leave even these hankies to, at the moment the Neighbourhood House is going to have a wonderful party with my finished works and stash, when I go. (And believe me, I am grinning as I write this!)


Blogger Finn said...

The hankerchiefs are just beautiful, thank you for sharing them.
And I must tell you, what a very, very lovely name badge. One of the prettiest I've seen.
You really do lovely work.

I had a chance last evening to pick up my chicken scratch piece, and re-checked the instuctions. Not only do they say to do the + first, they actually use alphabet letters to indicated that you do A to B and C to D, before you go to the X.

I like the look of yours soooo much better. I am just starting the center "snowflakes" and am doing them your way. The outer border row is the otherway, but I think I'll leave that as it's smaller in detail, and all one color.
I know it's odd, but isn't it amazing how one little thing like that, learned from another's blog can be such a big help? Thank you, you are one of my favorites to read and see.

5:32 am  
Blogger tender arts said...

Hello, I'm catching up on my favorite blogs and I had to comment on this. I am a dollmaker and have recently been thinking along the same lines about shadowboxes! That I would make little vignettes with my dolls and ephemera from my life. Perhaps great minds think alike? Your work endlessly amazes me. Very, very beautiful.

5:03 am  

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