Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Apple Blossom Block #6

Apple Blossom6a

I am sewing, I am. Occasionally. The garden is getting all my spare time at the minute. So I grabbed the wrong block, and have been working on Block 6, above.

In passing, if you want some real inspiration on disciplined stitches, slip over and have a look at what Jo in NZ is doing.

My big news is that I am off on a week's holiday - I almost can't bear to hope it will happen. A couple of days in Benalla, and then a quick trip to see my Beloved's aunt. She has just had her 90th Birthday. So I am going to have a lot of time for sitting around sewing, and tatting while a passenger.

Not sure how I will bear to leave my garden (we are putting the tomato seedlings out to a Seedling-Sitter). How could you bear to leave tulips like these?



Blogger Bobby said...

Those tulpis are stunners... I'm out of touch and can't remember their name?? Lovely apple blossoms too!

3:18 pm  

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