Saturday, 3 September 2005

Maybe a Block at a Time

Sharon over at in a minute ago is wrestling with how we, as Australian textile practitioners, can best help with relief/fund-raising for Katrina.

I was involved in making a quite complex block for a Tsunami quilt that basically got too big, so has not yet happened. So I was wondering - is the way to go to work a block at a time. Maybe just bind the block with bias tape, and auction just the block through eBay America. I don't know that people would pay much for a block by me, but imagine the chance to own an original work by Sharon Boggan (sorry to use your name, Sharon - but you know what I mean).

This would probably need a recognised person in the USA who would accept the blocks, do the eBay listing and then dispatch the blocks to the buyers (mind is thinking here - how do we add a tiny bit of money with the block for postage to make sure that person is not out of pocket ....).

I am just thinking aloud at this stage - does it have any possibilities that anyone can see???


Blogger sharonb said...

Linda - I think part of the problem with the Tsunami quilt was that it was a mix of techniques - this is just a hunch as I think it would be a very difficult task to put such a mix together which is why my mind turned to a crazy quilt.
Your idea of blocks is a good one but now I am thinking of smaller items like bags as they take as much work as block yet are self contained items and possibly more sellable. - I too am thinking out loud here and have said something similar in response to your comment on my blog .

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