Saturday, 25 February 2006

Nil, Nothing, Zilch.

Nothing to report this morning - not even a nice site to point to .... Hmmmm.... maybe if I think hard ...

I am starting on seams on my class block, and finishing a long piece of tatting for my Breast Cancer block. Then it will be ready for the last stage.

But no time for stitching today - real life gets in the way and have to be gone to work for the day.


Nice pictures????

Have a look at Marci's new Flickr page. Or, if you have not already seen them - Julia's Crinoline Ladies. She has been wonderfully kind, and produced the Design Sheet.

Back tomorrow - if I am lucky.


Blogger Sarah said...

Your Breast Cancer block is really lovely...are you doing it for personal use as a wall hanging or are you part of a group? If you're part of a group, your block will surely shine! And by the way I have particularly enjoyed other aspects of your work, for comment later! Thanks so much for sharing.

6:56 am  

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