Sunday, 5 February 2006

Australian National Quilt Register

This one made it into this blog quite some time ago, but Julia at Camille's Place has reminded me of it again - which has caused me to actually start a category for links on my sidebar. Not that I am going to have heaps of links there, but this one is really good.

It is the Australian National Quilt Register - once you go there, so to the Quilt Tree section (linking does not seem to work), and you can pick out the Crazies and quilts that are specifically Australian.

Enties on it include quilts in private as well as public hands.

Thanks for reminding us, Julia.


Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

Like you and SharonB I think this link is really worth a mention as it depicts a record of all those wonderful ladies and the way quilts were made in them days, and how important it is to add a label to your quilts so that future generations can look back at them as we are doing now.

9:34 am  

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